National Clearinghouse on Academic Worklife

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From the WEPAN listserv:

The National Clearinghouse on Academic Worklife combines into a single website information resources and community discussions to support those who study or participate in academic work: faculty, administrators, graduate students in the pipeline, staff.

Up to date articles, policy examples, and discussions are available on topics ranging from family-friendly benefits, tenure attainment, and faculty satisfaction to policy development, productivity, and demographics. This one-stop website was developed at the University of Michigan Center for the Education of Women through a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

The searchable database is nice; there is a thesaurus of search terms. Links to recent additions to the database are included on the mainpage. Unfortunately, when I tried one of them, for "Designing and Implementing Family-Friendly Policies in Higher Education", I got an error message. This publication supposedly comes from the Center for the Education of Women website, which notes that it is not yet available online. However, a related publication, Family-Friendly Policies in Higher Education: Where Do We Stand? is available online.

Overall, the NCAW looks like it will become a very valuable resource for academics at all levels.

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