Superstition at the Exploratorium

Tempt Fate, and Take a Risk
Superstition Obstacle Course Opens Friday, June 13th
Are You Scared?
June 13 - September 1, 2008

For many people, Friday the 13th suggests bad luck -- but is it really
tempting fate or taking a risk to break a mirror? Are you courting disaster
by walking under a ladder? And what really happens if you step squarely on
that crack in the sidewalk? Challenge these and other superstitions at the
Exploratorium's new Superstition Obstacle Course. Experience how your own
superstitions, your own emotions, and your own judgment come into play.
Although none of the beliefs represented have a scientific basis, many
believe such behaviors are taboo and invite bad luck. Regardless of their
truth, superstitions are a part of human culture, and offer a rich source of
understanding why we believe and act as we do.

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Thought Graffiti
A Special Interactive Event in Conjunction with the New Mind Exhibition
Saturdays, June 14, June 28, and July 12

What do your thoughts sounds like, look like, feel like? Find out what
everyone's thinking in this family-friendly experiment. Come to the
Exploratorium and, using sidewalk chalk, create a giant thought bubble on
the museum floor. Anyone can contribute a thought in words, doodles, or
pictures. Ask a question that comes to mind, respond to your neighbor's
thoughts, or collaborate with a friend. Help contribute to the invention of
-- who knows? For ages 6 and up. Chalk provided.

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