How To Train Women For Their Futures

Martin Rundkvist has kindly posted for us all a photo of a gender-training kit now available in stores. Don't delay! You'll want to make sure your daughter or niece learns her place in life early on. If she insists on a career, let her know that maids are in need in all hotels and many of our finer families' homes. Sigh. If only they sold that dreamy-looking maid-y dress in the picture to go along with it, and in pink. What more does a little girl need? Put down those legos, and, yes, "let us cleaning!" Pretty!

Oh, Martin, I hope you shielded your daughter's eyes when you happened upon this monstrosity.

Now pardon me while I go PUKE.

There, much better.

Now, tell me again how it isn't culture, that gender roles aren't imposed upon us from without, that it's all in our genes. Gah.

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That would be smart, teaching Spanish. Otherwise how could she communicate with her shift supervisor?

well, it looks like there may be some racial implications in that pic anyhow--i mean, it's certainly not a blond haired, blue eyed little girl.

gah, that makes me sad on so many levels.

Gah is right.

Didn't all us 70s kids listen to "Free to be You and Me," and hear Carol Channing explain that NOBODY likes to clean house, no matter what the ads say? No matter how pink the vacuum cleaner? I need to get an mp3 of that for my she can listen to it while she plays with legos.

And it is not even ergonomic! Look how she has to bend over to push the trolley - we will grow a stooped-over generation!!
I don't think there would be quite as much hoopla if the child was a toddler - we all know they like to do what the parents do - but really, a 6-7year old?? ugh!

That's a really good point. That one toy completely undermines the fact that if you give a young boy a generic toy like a block, 9 times out of 10 he'll treat it like a truck or a gun.
Stop giving children sexist toys like blocks!

By RobCozzens (not verified) on 11 Sep 2007 #permalink