4/17/09 at the Morris Arboretum: Magnolias and Patrick Dougherty's Fantastic Sculpture

A week ago Friday I spent the morning traipsing about the Morris Arboretum. The magnolias were in full bloom and Patrick Dougherty had just finished his newest sculputure, The Summer Palace. The twig and sapling sculpture will remain in place until it decays away. I can't describe to you the feeling one has walking around inside it. If you have the chance to be in Philadelphia over this summer I urge you to visit the arboretum and see this sculpture.

if you can't make it here....try to make do with my meager photos. I hope you will also enjoy the magnolia shots that follow. I make no claims to be a photographer (I think I fall in the "takes snapshots" category) but I just want to share a little of this beauty with you.

Dougherty's sculpture at a distance:

i-3b212e5dbd08819cf3451320dce186a1-DSC03255 [640x480].JPG

A little closer:

i-e18bfc4e24e95af35ff6fe43778a8e7f-DSC03253 [640x480].JPG

Sculpture doorway:

i-40bf2caaa61f837477a16dfc1e45b1c9-DSC03254 [640x480].JPG

Internal sky view:

i-ecd1dddc84ee22341f6dc90626d2171e-DSC03249 [640x480].JPG

Another doorway:

i-237453926d4331e2ff64f55b76f0a8b3-DSC03246 [640x480].JPG

And now on to the magnolias.

One magnolia blossom:

i-b5fd89f9f39e7fce8ce867ae89210372-DSC03229 [640x480].JPG

Magnolia profusion:

i-96c88241d87d7c1785a416f8b3ffc57a-DSC03230 [640x480].JPG

Magnolia profusion redux:

i-8e6b8189481b73f8a87638a6bae4ce75-DSC03238 [640x480].JPG

Magnolia blossoms against pines:

i-55d847ea6afffec0cbea8567bed78200-DSC03234 [640x480].JPG

Yellow magnolia blossoms:

i-51734fcd4b3459dd2ba129cff7a83d8c-DSC03228 [640x480].JPG

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We had one of those sculptures on campus at Wisconsin while I was studying there. I loved going inside. The wonderful smell can't be captured in photos.

Love your magnolia snapshots!

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