D00ds - Step AWAY From Your Caves!

Every manly man of means these days has gotta have a man-cave, right? Every man gotta be a caveman, right?

i-db63f79c082e28350de5bf133b85e551-pink caveman.jpg

Wrong. D00ds, step away from your caves! You must read The Caveman Mystique, and if you cannot, as a self-respecting caveman, be bothered to read a whole freakin' book, at least read this post over at The World's Fair. Fab interview with Caveman Mystique author Martha McCaughey.

Maybe if you read the book in a techno-geeky way, say, on Kindle, you could preserve your caveman status even as you are deconstructing it????

Image from Flickr, posted by VonMurr http://www.flickr.com/photos/20193184@N00/920433587

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Reminds me of the episode of the British comedy quiz/game show "I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue" (I have some episodes on cassette) in which one question was about why cooking the meat on a barbeque is traditionally a male role. The official answer pertained to caveman instincts and so on, but I like the answer that was given: "Because women are completely incapable of burning meat properly!"

ROFL where did you get that picture Zuska? It's hilarious!
Adrian -- I like that answer too! That whole men don't cook in the kitchen, they barbecue (which somehow isn't cooking) never mad sense to me.

*made* of course.
That's what I get for not using preview :(

I just googled "caveman" on Flickr and that is one picture that came up. The link to the picture at Flickr is in the post and the picture itself is linked so you can see what else the photographer has done. Glad you liked it; I really thought it was perfect for this post!