A Word on "Gender Knot" Editions

As has been noted, the recent edition of The Gender Knot has been substantially revised and reorganized, and I have been working off a 1997 edition, which is bound to cause some confusion for those of you reading the new edition. I've decided, therefore, that for the rest of the book, I am just going to have to get the new edition. I will finish out the discussion using my current text but for the remainder of the chapters I will go off the new edition.

This, combined with my upcoming (next week) week-long visit with mom, will delay slightly the discussion of Chapter 2, which I had originally hoped to do next week. I'm going to tentatively suggest that we try for two weeks from today, which would be (if I'm calculating right) June 11.

Also, a note: I want to make clear, if it was not already so, that my first post on The Gender Knot is a mix of a substantive summary of the first chapter along with my commentary on that chapter.

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One feature of the new edition shows up already in Chapter 1: an example drawn from the alpha male posturing of W after 9/11 and how it served to make that product of elite private schools attractive to lower class males.

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