The Trip Part IV - Bavaria

After Paris we flew to Munich on Airberlin (20 Euros per ticket, 50 Euros after taxes and airport fees.) There we met up with some former colleagues (Julia and Michael) and a current member of the Rapoport Lab (Briana) who will be leaving us soon to start her own lab in the MCB department at Harvard's Main Campus. Also in attendance was Briana's husband and my wife who snapped this picture of us in the English Garden.


Munich is a beautiful city. For anyone who enjoys the music, Munich might as well be the world capitol of classical music. The number of great performers who currently live in-and-around the city is astonishing.

i-642584e6a2e9fe817ebde8ee9a4fc9f4-Bavaria2.jpg Another stop worth mentioning is Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. Here is where many of the founders of Quantum Theory studied (examples include Pauli and Heisenberg). Thomas Mann also lectured here.

The university is also known for the White Rose, a non-violent anti-Nazi group. They waged a campaign against Hitler's policies and were eventually caught. Beneath the fold I'll describe a famous and tragic event that occurred near the end of the White Rose's existence.

Below on the left is a picture if the main entrance hall to the university (with a bust of King Ludwig I of Bavaria) where on February 18th, 1943 Sophie Scholl, a member of the White Rose, flung a suitcase full of anti-Nazi leaflets from the top of the staircase. The action was seen by a custodian who alerted the police resulting in the arrest of Sophie and Hans Scholl. Eventually the entire group was caught by the Gestapo and were convicted to death by a Nazi-appointed judge. On the right are three memorials dedicated to the White Rose including a bust of Sophie Scholl.


After Munich we headed down to Garmisch, site of the 1936 Winter Olympics for some hiking in the alps. Here are some pics of our hike up the Partnachklamm (or the Partnach river gorge):


After heading up the rapids, we veered right towards the tallest Mountain in Germany Zugspitze. Here's an example of the types of views we saw on the trail.


OK I could go on, but I have to leave for work. Next post I'll tell you about the wonders of Iceland.

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