My Year in a Picture

This has become a yearly tradition. I usually posted near the end of the year, but this time around I had many "distractions". Better late then never:


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Previous years:

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The following is a transcript of the remarks I delivered to the Texas Aggie Democrats at Texas A&M University on September 5, 2007 (and I've added some links). I start out talking a little bit about the work I did in the organization when I was a student there, but I eventually get into the…
I got this request the other day and finally decided to take the survey that it asked me to. It was relatively painless and it might gather useful information (although obviously it's not a scientific survey); so I thought I'd help publicize it. If you're a health care/ medical blogger, this survey…
Kevin Drum re-posts a chart on wind power made by Stuart Staniford showing that the number of new wind power plants installed in 2010 was way lower than in 2009 or 2008: This is meant as a starting point for discussion about the big economic issues that might've caused this. One of the many, many…
January 21st 2008 was Tet Zoo's second birthday, but due to its clashing with the launch of the EDGE amphibian site I didn't have the chance to write about it. So, better late than never, I'm doing that now. It's time to reminiscence on a year gone by, on a year when so much happened in the world…

I guess that little small black&white in the middle of the picture is the real beauty :-) Take care, the three of you!

2008 was a grat year. 2009 will bring lots of changes but also grat joy when the new member for the family willsoon arrive