The Festival Acknowledges Our "Featured Fan" of the Week!

i-1222154642babb9f3e1e6e906dcdef32-Fan_Logo (1).jpgThis week's "Featured Fan" is Felicia Reed! Felicia is a Festival Volunteer, she runs a great community outreach organization and is a proud mother to a future STEM leader! We thank Felicia for her Festival contributions and ongoing support!

Read all about our "Featured Fan" Felicia Reed below:

I am a HUGE fan of the USA Science and Engineering Festival! I work full time as a Quality Management Specialist. In my spare time, I operate Kids Getting Out (KGO) a community-based organization that sponsors activities, promotes process learning and performs community services. KGO also holds Reading Nites where kids of all ages can gather to read, present what they have read and then interact with other participants either by answer/asking questions or through structured play activities.

I am supporting the Festival as a volunteer and marketeer! I will work with the authors during the Book Fair at the Festival. I am also supporting a Festival partner eBag Media with helping to get the word out about the Festival by creating unique marketing material to be distributed at the Festival. I am also currently distributing Festival promotional materials and speaking at schools on the benefits of the Festival and related topics.
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I'm a Mom to an AWESOME 12 year old that is very active in STEM activities. He's held first place two years in a row at his school for the Science Fair and has competed county wide during the STEM Fair. He's in all honors classes with straight As! We infuse science and technology in all his learning and share our techniques with the members of KGO. We're fortunate that the kids in our area have a thirst for knowledge and are all SUPER learners!

This Festival is important to not only the kids, parents and teachers of the DMV area, it's important to the scientists, engineers and authors that are making this possible. The area needs this kind of activity where families can come together and support the futuristic approaches to science and technologies. I need the Festival so I can learn and grow as well.


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