It seems like only yesterday we got to 10,000 comments and now John Mashey has posted the 50,000th comment, with more content than most blog posts. And here's his acceptance speech:

Thanks to all. I always hoped my efforts would be rewarded, although I never expected this!

CafePress is HQ'd about 20 miles away, although who knows, the T-shirt might come from China for all I know. There is at least hope that it's a short truck ride away.

My forthcoming Deltoid T-shirt will take its proud place amongst some other rare T-shirts I own:

-- SGI "Building a better dinosaur" Jurassic Park dino, scaffolding, with silhouettes of people at computers; required special permission from Spielberg. Limited edition. SGI did many T-shirts in its heyday, but this was one of the best.

-- Sun Microsystems-logoed, with slogan on back: "The network is the network, the computer is the computer, sorry about the confusion." [Not produced by Sun (or any company for which I've worked), although several Sun employees have tried to buy it from me.] Very limited edition.

-- Bell Labs "Belle" T-shirt, a minimalist (of course) white T-shirt, in which the Bell System logo, the second one on Dennis' home page, is tweaked to look like a chess queen symbol, in honor of Ken Thompson/Joe Condon "Belle" champion chess computer of the 1970s. Very, very limited edition.

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Throughout my high school career I endured the opprobrium of my peers for frequently sporting an awesome (I thought) Bell Labs t-shirt which read, in the midst of a cloud of "3K"s, this variation on Elliot:
This is the way
The World Began
Not with a whimper
But with a BANG!

The Deltoid T-shirt has arrived, with a nice note from Tim. It is functional, and will soon experience real use.
hence, when the 100,000th opportunity arises, all should know there are real prizes to be had.

It says it was made in Honduras, but was US-mailed here from Louisville, KY. Not as close as San Mateo, but not as far as China, either.

By John Mashey (not verified) on 02 Feb 2009 #permalink