4-H Program to Wow Students With its 'National Science Experiment' at Festival

i-ebdce41c15a53a52943d0ba36dd71137-4h_mark1_em.jpg We are proud to welcome 4-H - a long-time national youth development program which engages students in science, technology and other life skill experiences through "learning by doing" - as a partner in the USA Science and Engineering Festival. As part of their commitment to STEM programs for youth, 4-H will be exhibiting at the Festival and helping us get the word out about the Expo and the Kavli Science Video Contest.
In advance of the USA Science & Engineering festival, 4-H will be hosting the third annual 4-H National Youth Science Day (NYSD). This 4-H event will engage youth from across the nation in examining one of the most important issues today-water quality, and give students the opportunity to discover and explore the powerful effects of carbon dioxide on our natural water sources through 4-H2O (4-H's National Science Experiment for 2010).

Developed in conjunction with North Carolina Cooperative Extension and North Carolina A&T State University, 4-H2O is designed to spark an early interest among youths in the sciences--all part of 4-H's bold goal to engage one million new young people in science, engineering, technology and applied math programs by 2013.
The 4-H program, based in Washington, DC, has its roots in the original 4-H clubs, with its Head, Heart, Hands, and Health focus in developing important life skills in youths.

You can find everything you need to participate in 4-H National Youth Science Day online at
www.4-H.org/NYSD. The site provides an experiment facilitator's guide, the youth experiment workbook and a variety of materials to help you host your own Science Day event. Later this summer, the 4-H National Youth Day experiment kit will be available for purchase at the website's 4-H Mall section to help you build upon the experiment for year-round learning.

Make sure to register online at the website to receive the latest updates and resources available. www.4-H.org/NYSD


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Where the partner like this USA Science and Engineering Festival then the any events can touch the sky and also if that is a science event.This events really engage one million new young people in science. It's one time achievement so proud to be there!!