One of our top 10 Kavli Video Contest Finalists

Here is one of our top 10 Kavli Video Contest Finalists!

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( L to R) Kelsey Good, Katie Mark, Emily Pence(L to R) Katie Mark, Ashley Brown, Kelsey Good, Gabriella Gunawan

What are your ages?
Kelsey Good-15, Katie Mark-15, Emily Pence-16, Ashley Brown-16, Gabriella Gunawan-15

Where do you go to school?
Holton-Arms in Bethesda, MD

About our team:
We were in the 7th period Engineering class last year! As a group we are quite diverse. One aspect that holds true to all five of our lives is a love of sports, some of which include; ice hockey, field hockey, golf, basketball, volleyball, track, and swimming. Our hobbies include a variety of organizations and activities such as road trips, Girl Scouts, baking, band, chorus, Robotics Club, volunteering, peer counseling, student government, and environmental club.

What inspired you to make this video?
Considering we were in an engineering class, this video was on topic and a fun way for us to end the year together.

Can you tell us more about your engineering class?

Gabriella Gunawan : My favorite part of engineering was the robots. I love how we were given a lot of freedom to experiment with different models and designs, like how we had to figure out almost everything on our own. It was much more rewarding when we succeeded with one of the tasks based solely on our design or program. Even though it was tedious, I believe the trial and error phase tested our patience and taught us perseverance. We had to learn when to keep persisting with an idea and when to throw it out and move on. In addition, we had to judge the major and minor problems, balance pro's and con's, and use time management to meet deadlines.

Emily Pence: Engineering provided us with a new way to learn that was so different than our other classes. We had to work as part of a group to achieve a common goal. Plus, we started off the year with simple things like bridges and by the end of the year we were making our own robots!

Katie Mark: This class really sparked my interest in engineering by exposing me to an array of interesting and fun hands-on activities. Over the course of the year I learned not only about creative problem solving, but also about different types of engineering. It was through the Solar Decathlon, an activity suggested by my teacher, that I realized I wanted to become an architectural engineer.

Our engineering class is featured in a Washington Post article

~~Stacy Jannis

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Great video girls! Congratulations! The posted ages at the time this video was produced, however, were incorrect. If this was done towards the end of the school year you all would have a year older! Oh well, the good thought is that you all are very knowledgeable 15 & 16 year-olds! LOL!