My First Bioblitz of the Week

i-15eb81a23c3608c0e7b48b3ddf3b8988-bloggerbioblitzlogo_mini_nobirdy.jpgWell, Heather and I stumbled out of bed this morning around 5:30 (after two alarms, my clock and my cat), sipped some coffee and watched the sun rise. It could have been a typical school day, actually, but this morning we were heading out for our first bioblitz of the week.

We decided to leisurely browse our campus arboretum for a couple hours this morning. It's a marshy, three to four acre forest with ample water sources, including a small bog (below), a sizable creek and a pond. Our soccer field, softball field and football fields are in close proximity, which limits the relative diversity of the area, but we had a good couple of hours.

The two biggest highlights were spotting a huge raven that flew directly over us, landing in a nearby tree for several minutes, and just as we were on our way out, seeing a muskrat lumber across the trail ahead, slinking into the marsh.

The complete list of organisms found is below the fold. I'll be blitzing another riparian forest (this one less homogenous) next weekend for the wrap up.






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I never realized that you all in Western Maryland have black-capped when we have Carolina chickadees. Cool that you saw a tanager. I think I'm going to get that mini-millipede, too!