Fall of Troy Is Sick. Just Sick.

I can't wait to see these guys again. Freakin' amazing guitar work and just sloppy enough to avoid pretension. They're touring with the Deftones this summer.

Me and my ex-music editor (*sniffle*), Steph saw them last July at the Ottobar in Baltimore. Tom Erak, the lead singer is a very cool guy. She got to chat with him after the show.

Steph has caught the blogging bug too, and started a punk news blog as an extension of her stuff at TBL. She goes to way more shows than she can cover in the paper, so Typing for Miles provides an outlet for her insatiable, relentless music writing.

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You should check out Protest the Hero if you haven't already; good harmonies + heavy guitars + insane time changes = some of the best new music I've heard lately.