The Cup that Giveth Life (and Blog)

Dave asked the scienceblogging community to show off our coffee mugs in order to reveal personality quirks, stir up a story or two, or uncover plans for world domination.

More specifically:

I'll try. The divine is difficult to articulate.

I'm a morning writer when school/work is in, and coffee is absolutely essential to my routine. It's something to look forward to within the first few waking seconds - to approach the Maker, pour a cup and enjoy my morning reads/blogging.

i-6abc5b8674b30e6821a29bab146b6cd2-coffee mug.jpg

My mug is pretty plain, but it's smooth and streamlined, throwback 1940's or 50's. The grip is comfortable and it holds just the right amount of fluid. It's functional and unadorned - no "pictures" or "logos" or whatever you kids are calling them nowadays - but the lack of color and features draws attention to its appealing geometry. Beauty in structure and function, even when the cup is full.

It's one of a set that was passed down to us from one of Heather's roommates. I spent a lot of time at their apartment, and used these mugs more than their previous owner.

They were a creative bunch. We would stay up late working on projects - dressing up the English bulldog (appropriately named "Mug"), crafting Halloween costumes, playing music, designing tattoos and, as always, drinking too much coffee.

It's all about the coffee, though. Stop drinking Starbucks! There's better stuff out there for way less money. We get a five pound bag from Ground for Change every four months or so for around $40. It's organic, shade grown and fair trade which can't be said of all of Starbucks' $13/pound rip off beans.

I've said enough. Anyone else have an analysis for me? What does your mug say about you?

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I would join in, but alas, I merely have a collection of coffee mugs, no single mug that holds a warm beverage each morning. In fact, most of my "coffee" mugs end up being "hot chocolate mugs" in the winter, so they don't necessarily count anyway.

I like your mug's shape, but this brought back some painful memories for me...A couple of years ago I brought my most treasured mug into the office to use for tea. It had an old "Rubes" comic on it with the caption "Steamed Veggies" and a bunch of really angry veggies. Then I accidentally left it in the ladies room after cleaning it and when I remembered and went back, it was gone.

I was so sad, I searched all over the 'nets and could never find another mug like that. But reading your story, I Googled one more time for the heck of it and Voila! Thank you!!!