That was the posted price of premium gas in downtown Atlanta this morning.


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That's the US gallon price? Then just another $2.89 and you'll reach prices in here in the Czech Republic. Or another $3.64 and you'll match prices in the UK!

Prices of gas should be the least of our concern, although it does hit the consumer in more than one way. We have a looming crisis which is connected with gas and it's price and that is; "ethanol."

The government created ethanol business with the help of various lobby groups and some politicians like one in my home state who owns a ethanol refinery (talk about a conflict of interest). The public was told it was make us more independent from foreign oil, it has not. They said it keeps the air cleaner, it has not. And finally they promised us it would keep gas prices down, it has not.

When ethanol was first made law to use, corn was only 2 dollars a bushel, it's now around the 6 dollar and on the rise. Farmers are dropping other crops in order to grow more corn which is where the money is at, and in turn, those other crops are in shorter supply than before which raises those prices as well.

We now are conserving rice, the US has never gone to these types of lengths with food since World War 2. And if we have a dry summer in the midwest where corn is primarily grown, your going to see prices soar more, and like rice it will be conserved too.

By putting corn into our gas tanks instead of our mouths has created a big business which shouldn't be there, it's costing taxpayers at the pump, and it's creating a hardship on poor people, middle class and so on. It's also started worldwide starvation in some parts of the world.

Biofuels is a complete flop and that policy should be reversed!