Thanks for the roffles, PZ!

I don't link to Pharyngula very often---our content just doesn't intersect that much, but I followed a link from today's post and had a good laugh.

You see, some comedian creationist cult leader put out a new book, and the reviews on Amazon are a real hoot. From one review:

My only disappointment with the proofs provided in this book is that my favorite, Eve, isn't listed among them. Evolution could have made her look like anything at all--like Rush Limbaugh, a big hairy wookie, or a naked mole rat for example. There's no way Adam would have tapped that. Instead, God chose to fashion one of Adam's ribs into something soft, curvy, beautiful, and desirable (Yes, he did make that little sailor in the boat impossible to find, but that's only because you're not supposed to touch it).

Sometimes I think that the only response to the anti-science, misogynistic, anti-semitic, virulently anti-gay rhetoric of these creation cults is a good laugh at their expense.

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The guy has GOT to be sarcastic. Click on his profile to read his other reviews... he's reviewed "Raising Godly Tomatoes" and the Playmobil Security Checkpoint toy set... no way can this be a living, breathing person who actually thinks this way.

I hope.

Yes, Elissa, there is a Poe.

Sorry, bad joke.

That "review" is from General JC Christian, Patriot. Check out his website for a bit... he definitely is being sarcastic.

By LanceR, JSG (not verified) on 19 Feb 2009 #permalink

You mean nobody here heard of the General. He's fantastic. Kinda like Colbert, although Steven has never talked about wrestling in the manly nature of our Spartan ancestors, naked and oiled up, with the little soldier at the ready! Definitely Poe, and he's always a good read. Thanks for reminding me to add him back to my rss feed!

Sorry - I teach high school biology. I'm very, very used to encountering these people in the real world (students and, more often, their parents) - and they're not kidding. You would think they're Poe, but you'd be wrong. My radar must be damaged because of it :)