VIBE Machine---not half as fun as it sounds

Let's say you have cancer. And let's say you're really, really sick of having cancer. And let's say that you're also pretty tired of scans, chemo, radiation, hair loss, nausea. And let's say you're not really sick and tired of living, but actually pretty happy to be alive.

Finally, let's say someone says that they can get rid of your cancer, without all of those pesky side-effects. It's a win-win, no?


It's easy to believe in promises that are congruent with our wishes. That's what makes human beings so easy to deceive. A case in point is the VIBE Machine, a discredited quackery device. This thing was marketed until about a year ago. Not surprisingly, Orac has written about this thing in his Friday Dose of Woo. Stephen Barrett, the King of Quack-Busters, has also tracked the sordid history of this rip-off. The device was recalled back in 2008, so this shouldn't even be a story anymore, except that word of the device still circulates among cancer patients and their friends. The company's website is down, which is good, but this thing is still out there.

At least one website is still promoting it in detail. The website is, needless to say, a whole lot of words that make no sense:

The VIBE Machine works on five different levels by using a medium electromagnetic field. In this field, a high voltage pulse is added along with ozone. The charge is placed at a negative voltage which is being transmitted to an antenna designed to twist the magnetic field. It is then routed through noble and inert gases. These gases are in a plasma state, varying in frequencies which relate to human cellular frequencies. Plasma is found between the protons and electrons of all cells in the human body. By oscillating this plasma state, the cells are energized by the Vibe Machine. Disease is a state found in non-vibrating, non-charged, or non-energized cells. The VIBE Machine brings the vibrational level of your body back to its natural state of being. It is a technological breakthrough in enhancing the human body by helping it reach optimum vibration and energy.

This is not even wrong.

But that's not the real problem here. The real problem is that I, not having cancer, read it and see, "blah, blah, blah, let me steal money from cancer patients", but cancer patients are more likely to read it and see, "HOPE HOPE HOPE".

This is the strength of quackery, the weakness of real medicine. Real medicine offers hope, but also reality. Quackery isn't so limited.

As physicians we need to become better at explaining the real meaning of hope---the hope for cure, the hope for living, the hope for comfort when that isn't possible. And we need to give our patients the tools to protect themselves from scams like this. This means when we get mad, we don't take it out on the patient who is, after all, just trying to get better.

But you---you, Dear Reader---also share in this responsibility. You must make sure not to tell your brother-in-law how cool some new thing sounds. You must help your friend with a bad disease to navigate their illness, avoiding the rocks of quackery. You must not shrug and say, "what's the harm?" This is not a one-person job. Get on it.

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And you have to do it even though it means watching them be unhappy, watching them struggle with their pain, watching them fear what comes next. If they can live through all that stuff, the least you can do is watch without offering a band-aid soaked in poison ivy because it makes you feel better for a few minutes after you hand it over.

From an Electrical Engineering perspective, I can say that I agree that it is not even wrong. It's complete gibberish.

Whenever I visit my Dad, I go through his medicines and write them all down for him to take to his PCP. I explain to him as best I can what each one is for (this is for blood pressure, etc.)

He's good at this now and is proud to show me that he knows what he's taking and why. Before, he never questioned a doctor about anything. He's also finally stopped going to chiropractors.

My current stepmom... um, not so much. She and her daughter buy all sorts of crap homeopathy stuff from a person they actually call their witchdoctor. At least she still continues to see regular doctors, but she also bought a year's worth of thrice weekly treatments from a chiropractor along with $700 worth of more crap homeopathy stuff.

I figure she's a lost cause and there's no way I can influence her more than her daughter, so I limit my efforts there to keeping her from influencing my Dad's health care. That pisses her off enough.

Now, if I just get my sister to stop trying give my Dad airborne and convince my brother that the doggie "arthritis" medicine he's taking is homeopathic crap and why that is BAD... (both of them have advanced degrees, though obviously not in science)

It may be worse out here than you think, Pal.

Cancer patients will see this and think "HOPE HOPE HOPE" only so long as they don't have even the most basic grounding in physics, chemistry and biology. Basically, the fact that this can be sold at all is a major failure of science education...

Every time I encounter this kind of woo, I don't know how to address it. 'Not even wrong' is dead on.

wazza, I think you underestimate how powerful - and therefore destructive - hope can be for people who are sick and scared. This woo is particularly implausible, but there are plenty that have explanations beyond the understanding of people with basic science (it's quantum!!1!). Not to mention woo that explicitly invokes the supernatural.

Despite the gibberish, things like the VIBE don't make me quite as angry as the ones that 'work with your body' and will cure you if your body is 'ready and willing to be healed'. So you turn a sick and scared person into a sick, scared and guilty person. I just can't laugh at it anymore.

By Charlotte (not verified) on 21 Aug 2009 #permalink

I love the "plasma in every cell", makes me wonder why we don't all glow in the dark with our billions of little neon tubes.

@ Mu: I know it sounds totally bizarre but there *are* people who believe that we *do* all glow in the dark with "our billions of tiny neon tubes" and... they also believe in energy transfer,chakras,healing with sacred gemstones,"action at a distance",etc.

By Denice Walter (not verified) on 21 Aug 2009 #permalink

If you are going to bash something, why don't you at least explain WHY you think it is a waste of money or quackery, as you describe it. This information would be useful. Calling people quacks, not so useful.
People need support from chemical, physical and emotional perspectives in order to fight for their lives. Many have made the recovery without medicine.
I hope none of you get cancer or a degenerative disease, as the lack of prevention knowledge and nutritional teachings doctors have been given combined with a closed mind will surely be a leathal combination.


It's wrong because it's explanation is gibberish, it uses scienctific words in a completely jumbled way, connecting things together that have no connection in ways that make no sense. It's as if someone took religous texts from the Bible Torah and Koran and mixed them up in a story that related how Jesus arrived on earth in a spaceship in 1954. It's that jumbled up. The disgrace is that western education allows people to leave school without even an eight year old's grasp of the physical world as we know it and even worse allows them to take degrees in other subjects whilst being utterly unable to understand in a basic way how the world exists or operates, how technology they use works and why decisions are made that affects us all. This fundumentally undermines our democracies and will lead to societies that will stagnate and die in competition with more dynamic cultures and in the face of challenges from nature.

I'm sure if these devices worked the army would use them. They don't.

By julian smith (not verified) on 30 Aug 2009 #permalink

i have a bad case of asthma. every year my doctor would incrase my dosage of advair and i was afraid i would soon be lugging around a portable oxygen unit. i started using a vibe machine six month ago and several weeks later my breathing was much improved. i noticed i no longer needed my albuterol inhalor which i carried for emergencies and used two or three times a week. about a month ago i felt so good that i stopped using my advair (if i did this in the past, i would have an attack within 16 hours). so far i have had no symptoms or episodes. i have a flow meter and i am consistantly blowing over 700!
now you might say i'm experiencing a plecebo effect, but i really don't care because it feels so good to breath again.

i continue on: the vibe machine recall basically entailed afixing a sticker to the machine stating that it is not a medical device. furthermore the fda has not claimed that the vibe has caused physicl harm to anyone - only that its claims have not been substanciated by an approved third party. the lone death associated with the vibe was due to a man with advanced cancer who had given up on his conventional medical treatments which he could not tolerate any longer. he had reached the point where the cure was worse than the disease. he died from cancer not the vibe.

i understand the skepticism in the above article and comments. but don't blow the vibe machine off; it works for most people- i know because i talk with other people who are using the machine several time a week. i could write a book on the stories these people have told me.

i implore you to keep an open mind. something that is too good to be true, can in fact be true. educate yourself a little, i suggest "The Cancer Cure That Worked" by Barry Lynes. it details the work of dr. royal rife and how his research allowed him to invent a machine that created "precise electrical fequencies which destroyed individal micro-organisms responsible for cancer, herpes, tuberculosis and other illnesses." his work is documented in many medical journals of the time. his test patients were people with cancer who were so advanced that they were "sent home to die". of the 16 terminal patients sent to hime all 16 were cured within three months!! this is fact, people. and,oh yes, the rife machine was very similar to the vibe machine.

the vibe machine should not be used a replacement for "real medicine" but i recommend it as a supplement. end of my sermon; you all do what you want.

This Vibe machine you continue to downplay is by far the most helpful piece of equipment that was available to the
people without having to depend on the medical establishment
which continues to treat but never cures anything. In the last 5 years I have sat in front of this machine many, many times and always felt wondereful for weeks afterwards. My gout completly disappeared, never to return. People think they are so smart but most are closed minded. Dont knock something because you feel so educated that you cant see the forest for all the trees.

It always amazes me that the idiots keep appearing on some posts months after everyone else has moved on.

I really think PalMD is part of the establishment of special interests, physicians, scientists,finacial groups and of course Big Pharma, that are threatened by the VIBE machine. Judging from the shallowness of his critique above, maybe he should look in the mirror before he cries "quack".
The VIBE center I use charges only $5.00 per session. The
first session is free. People with life threatening illnesses are treated for free. People who cannot afford even the $5.00 are treated for free. People who travel long distances are treated for free. Letters of thanks and gratitude for cures deamed impossible by the "medical community". If this is quackery - then give me more of it. The owner makes it known he is not a medical professional and make no claims of miracle cures, but in talking with other people in the waiting room and reading the dozens of posted documented success stories it 'sobvious there is something to the VIBE.
How many patients do you treat for free,PALMD? How many cases of cancer have you cured? Epilepsy with gran mal episodes - do you offer a cure or just treat the symptoms?
In short, if you don't know what you're talking about it's best to keep your month shut and let people think you're and idiot rather that flap your mouth and confirm the fact.

Ironic advice :o in post 16.

Ha ha, JohnV! I get the irony. One quack is calling the other quack "a quack"!
So in your mind who is the bigger quack? The respected MD who regurgitates drivel off the internet into his own irrefutable opinion, or the insignificant dolt who has first hand empirical experience and insight; take your pick and defend it.
If the good Doctor proves to be wrong, people who followed his advice could miss out on life saving technology.
If the dolt proves to be wrong, people are out a few $5 sessions.
I don't know, you tell me.

While I'm sure it was a rhetorical question, the people advocating the VIBE machine would be the quacks.

Way to defend your position JohnyV. Looks like you and PalMD take lessons from Al Gore.

That's like a treasure trove of awesomeness right there. Added bonus for needless sock puppeteering.

While wasting ones money on miracle cures may not be a good idea. People who want to live have to stay positive. The placebo effect, which isn't anything more than hope is used successfully in medicine today. It is well documented that sunlight causes us to produce vitamin d, and helps to relieve depression. Fluorescent lights and magnetic fields from crt monitors have adverse effects on our health. Orthopedic surgeons are using light to reduce swelling. Is it really hard to believe that this might have some effect?

Hope is bad? You may call it false hope, but hope in any form is a powerful commodity. Maybe I've faced too many people who are battling cancer and know that they need that hope to keep fighting, breathing, living and dealing with mental midgets who believe in brutal reality. Until you've been there, you have no idea how brutal their reality is, so hope in any form is a welcome addition to daily life.

Great Spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. -A. Einstein...

Imagine explaining television to a tribe in the jungle? That is what is happening here to people who have no clue how to think about something that they do not have the ability to understand given their faculties at hand.

I have used the vibe machine many times with amazing results. My cat was healed from his strange IBS that the doctors couldn't fix. I know several people who were healed using the vibe machine from cancer to chronic back pain in my own community. And that's how it spreads, because the people talk. Let the "doctors" suffer from their own mediocrity and let the people discover for themselves the power of ingenuity in the modern age.

Well, this was surprising to read such negative comments! Try it, you might like it. Anything that enables the body to heal itself should be applauded. Everyone has opinions and some people have just too much education, er 'programming', aka brainwashing.
Users of the vibe machine are letting results speak for themselves so why not listen to them? If they're getting off of medications,getting clean cancer tests, tumors are shrinking and becoming non existent, and people are reporting that they're feeling better all around, etc., something positive is going on. I love the vibe machine and will continue to use it. Why? It 'works for me'. The very first thing I noticed when I used it was that brain fog left and never has returned.
I watch the dog too. She LOVES it and runs to get in a chair when it's turned on and at that time I wish she could talk and tell me what's really going on.
No, I don't want to take a bottle of 'side effects' called medicine if I can at all avoid it. I know way too many people who are taking numerous meds daily and they aren't 'cured' yet. In fact, they continue to go downhill, but they're in the system and the system doesn't generally approve of or pay for alternatives or alternative treatments. They're stuck and don't have available money to explore other avenues where insurance doesn't go. They've become brainwashed and they're too scared to try anything new--now how did THAT happen? I'm sorry but the FDA does not have the final say on all that's good and/or bad for us. They should approve some things they never have and never approved some things that they have.
Closed minded? Not me! I love urine therapy, clay, cayenne pepper, activated charcoal, colon, parasite and liver cleansings, fasting and prayer, good food, (non GMO), epsom salt, and good supplements and more importantly, an adventerous spirit because it's paid off very well!! Some people think I'm a kook, but hey, they're still on the Rx medications and I'm not. While they're at the doctor's several times a month, I'm living my quality of life.
The bottom line, ANYTHING that enables the body to heal itself should be considered and experimented with, but of course, under your doctor's care and supervision.

It is really too bad that you do not even have a clue. Before you go posting anything about something, you should know the facts. Yes, I am talking about the VIBE machine. First, let me say that if it was not for the VIBE machine, I would not be walking today; I would be a couch potato. However, not only am I not but I am no longer taking the poisons that the Pharmaceutical Companies put out there and the FDA approves. For those of you that do not know, the Pharmaceutical Companies pay the FDAâs salaries. Therefore, it is no wonder that the FDA does not want anything known about the VIBE machine. It might just put a dent in guess whose pocket. Over the past two years, I have talked to and seen the results of what the vibe machine has done for people. I also know of people that have been cured of cancer using the vibe machine and one is a friend. I would get into more of that however, that is her story to tell. In addition, if you knew the facts about the VIBE machine, it was only recalled, because the company that made it had it out on the market for too long before trying to get a FDA approval. Who knew that all the clinical studies and testimonials would be the things that the FDA used to have it pulled. I have not known of one case where the VIBE machine has killed anyone, however I sure know of plenty of people that have died because of Pharmaceutical Companies, doctors and the FDA approving drugs. I will take my chances with the VIBE machine any day. I wonder why the Army uses the machine.

By Marti Smith (not verified) on 22 Nov 2009 #permalink

My friend Amy had Breast cancer & was on chemo for 16 months. Her cancer stopped growing but was not going away. She starting VIBING a few minutes a day @ month 12. Immediately her hair STOPPED falling out. Then a short time later it grew back.

She asked the nurses if they had ever seen anything like it. The 5 nurses had from 5 years up to 27 years experience with Chemo patients. They all said "never seen it before." This was @ Moffit, a top cancer hospital. The Doctors said the same thing.

As a side note, NO ONE ASKED WHY THIS STRANGE EVENT WAS HAPPENING. She said it was like they were robots and just didn't want to know.

@ the 16 month mark she stopped the chemo, starting drinking Kangen water, started talking massive doses of vitamins & minerals & starting VIBING 10 minutes a day.

7 months after stopping the chemo & 11 months after VIBING she had a scan & the doctors didn't find ANYTHING wrong with her! Again they didn't even ask what she was doing. They are ZOMBIES, brainwashed with their own medical think.

That was 2 months ago.

To call this machine QUARKERY is just IRRESPONSIBLE & IGNORANT.

If you said it to my face, (the quarkery), I'd surely punch yours...

By Kurt Russell (not verified) on 21 Jan 2010 #permalink


The VIBE is pure quackery. "Vibing" oneself, however, can be rather relaxing.

By MonkeyPox (not verified) on 21 Jan 2010 #permalink

There are plenty of thing i want to say to almost everyone that wrote on this wall...
I have just finished my studies, in order to give people therapy with a rife machine i bought.

i might agree that the vibe machine isn't the best, that there are another similar one or two machines available claiming the same result as vibe... only better.

I stick to what works for now- rife therapy...
where you hold on to the electrodes.

when i can afford a vibe type machine- i'll get it!
because this is my direction i chose.
my main goal is to stick to what works.
so i will tell you how the other vibe machines worked.

just remember - the reason i feel that those other vibe machines might work... is because it still is the same technology as my current rife resonator- and it works!

by the way i cured my bullterrier dog with feedgrade peroxide!!!!
google the web and see 'oxigen/cancer'
and follow the instructions!

remember; i do what works!

you'll pretty much want me to be your friend in these days where you illnesses flourish etc.
and i'll help for free.

good grief....
i really cant believe that you guys dont know about peroxide vs. cancer????!!!!
you people suffer for nothing!!!!

if you dont like the idea of peroxide... get these oxigen capsules they sell everywhere!

last thing... you people need to get to any rife therapist and tell the therapist you want him to kill:
the liver fluke, pancreatic fluke, intestinal fluke, and a few more...
and then a normal cancer treatment!

...if you love your family etc. who has cancer... look it this...

Over 300 medical schools in our country and less than five of them require any nutrition courses... Nutrition is the foundation for health and wellness... So bad mouth devices like these all you like, but until you take an objective look at our own system, I call bullshit...

I have used the Vibe Machine for a few years now. I send many of my clients to the machine. Being objective what I have observed if that you use it frequent your results will be better. The one in my area is now only 85 dollars a month unlimited. It's given me much more energy and no afternoon naps. Some clients have felt a peacefulness and less depression. Some feel more energy. Most if not all sleep better. I have honestly witnessed nearly a dozen people over the last few years where it has dissolved cancerous tumors. I have also witnessed this on a couple of dogs as well. And being honest and objective I have sent a few people that claim they feel nothing. The vast majority do. In my many years of travel in the healing arts professions I have never witnessed anything along these lines. I am not affiliated with the machine or the owner in any way. But have sent quite of few people, simply because great potential is there. And yes, I have seen a host of things in my travel that does not work as people claim.This Machine appears to be one of the few exceptions...

If science matters to you (it does to me) then read the Holos University clinical study results here:

The study was NOT double-blind. While the test group received 3 sessions/week for 3 weeks, the control group apparently came to the office but received no treatment (versus receiving fake treatment). This invites the placebo effect to skew results.

Interestingly, the control AND test groups reported decrease in depression, anxiety and symptoms. The authors of the study posit that the office may have been 'entrained' with the energy from the VIBE machine so that subjects who showed up but didn't receive treatment still received the benefit. (sorry, but that's a wacky conclusion!)

State anxiety was the one axis of measurement where the test subjects reported improvement but the control did not. The placebo effect explains this property very well.

I'm not saying that people haven't experienced amazing results correlated with their use of the VIBE machine... I'm just pointing out that there doesn't seem to be any good science floating around to support the claims. If you know of any scientific evaluation that holds water PLEASE share.

Also noteworthy: many websites also reiterate the claims that the head of the Penn State Pathology Department did pre-blood testing and post-blood testing with spectacular results. Well I contacted Dr. Kevin Cheng of Penn State's Pathology Department and he said he has never heard of the device nor the supposed study.

Does this not smell of snake oil?

The only evidence I have is that their must be some awfully strong mind over matter to have many people claim that something is happening including cancerous tumors dissolving.
Witnessed many.
Some were in the last stages with no hope. But what I can't understand is how Fideo is doing this as well. Maybe are animals are using the same mind over matter with positive thinking??? (lol)

By Dennis Jent (not verified) on 21 Jun 2010 #permalink

Nixon declared ware on cancer in 1968. How many Billions have been invested to "find the cure" since then? Every time I hear another "walk for the cure" and thousands show up, corporate sponsors are rallied to the call I cringe!

Iatrogenic was introduced by JAMA which is not some wacko or natural health magazine but rather the accepted source for the medical industry stating what the #3 cause of death in America was. They could have come out and said it in plain English but instead they created or chose some phrase 99% have no idea what it means. Over 300,000 Americans die every year from Iatrogenic causes. If you've never heard the phrase do a quick search to find it is malpractice, hospital infections, pharmaceuticals... Doctors.

Big Pharma gets away making outrageous claim on TV ads yet an all natural product can't even say "high fiber."

No one died from taking vitamins, minerals, naturopathic causes, following the old practice of "an apple a day."

In the past 100 years advertising has brain washed people into new habits of "convenience" such as fast food, microwave ovens, preprocessed dinners ready in 60 seconds. Over the past 50 years new diseases have appeared that never existed before. Kids are now showing symptoms of Type II diabetes which was known as an adult disease. Over 60% of Americans are overweight.

We've been brainwashed to believe Main Stream is the only way and practices used for thousands of years are "the alternative." Industrial farm produce is "conventional" and farming practices used on our planet for thousands of years is "organic." Shouldn't it say: "chemical" "non-chemical?"

Main stream focuses on the "symptoms" while natural addresses the "cause." If you stop slamming your fingers in the door the pain might just go away. However if you continue eating processed foods, GMO, living on soda, not getting sufficient sunshine, fresh air and exercise sooner or later your body is going to begin to complain.

Million of cells with plasma and we should glow at night? There are some 50 trillion cells and yes we are an amazing biochemical / bioelectrical community of cells with a DNA instruction set to do basic functions provided we consume high octane fuel, avoid toxins, drink clean water and get outside and take a good walk as things that move are alive. Pretty simple concepts.

Instead we skip breakfast, one of the most important meals of the day, fast food for lunch, grab a candy from the office machine, throw a meal in the micro and sit down and veg in front of the TV only to do it again tomorrow. After years of neglecting basic principles of health one or more of our ten body systems (bones, muscular, respiratory, nervous, immune, digestive,etc.) begins to no longer function efficiently. What a surprise... But no worry, we go to the doctor, who gives us a prescription and wow those symptoms go away. Yet we never addressed the basic cause of taking our complex cellular body for granted.

Both Raymond Royal Rife and many other brilliant scientists identified the fact that specific cells, organs, meridians in our body resonate at specific frequencies. By eating foods that are processed with chemicals we lower the frequencies of our cells thus people are tired and run down like a low charged battery. Solution? Coffee! Energy drinks! Pills that can speed us up! And for some they resort to drugs.

All of these solutions again are not addressing the cause which is our lack of healthy food, exercise, water, fresh air, sunshine... which charge our cells with energy raising the frequency. The Rife machine, Vibe machine and other similar devices are all focused on achieving this goal.

Scientific evidence? Independent lab testing requires large sums of money. Pharmaceutical products have zillions so they have no problem running tests many times in labs that skew the data which has been proven in numerous law suits over the past 20 or so years. They pay their large fines however the fines were a tiny fraction compared to the billions they made on their sales.

For those who own a Vibe machine or know someone who does I propose a simple test that may provide evidence this device is actually doing something positive within a matter of 2 to 3 minutes. Now try that with any medical approach.

Here's the test: First you need a Vibe machine. Second you need any software or device that is capable of testing and displaying the energy meridians of the body. For those who don't believe in Energy Meridians tell that too the billions of Chinese who practice energy medicine or the acupuncturists or kinesologists around the world. Ever sit next to someone who's feeling sick to their stomach and all of a sudden you begin to feel a bit queezy?

We are all energy. Our planet, the sun, the Universe... So why did this blog even begin with those throwing stones at the foundation of our existence. Try living without the sun for a few seconds and watch how fast the entire planet dies without the energy source of that large globe that circles around our planet. (For those who still believe we are the center of the Universe and everything revolves around us.)

Now here's the test: First you get a read on as many people of all ages as possible. A good cross sampling of their meridian energy. Next you have each of them sit in front of the Vibe machine for just 2 - 3 minutes. Now test them again and see if there was any change in their meridian energy.

There are numerous software programs with USB interface devices and skilled practitioners who know how to run these energy tests.

Here's what I believe you're going to discover:
With younger participants you'll find their energies are near normal with a few that are high in what is referred to as inflammation. The medical community looks at inflammation as infection and in some cases a result of a blockage. Those who study energy till tell you inflammation is the body working to repair cellular damage.

Bump your elbow and the body immediately increases energy at the stem cells in the area of your elbow to repair the damage. Back in the 60's a Dr. Baker began studying how salamanders could regrow limbs. His studies opened a huge door to what is referred to as The Body Electric. Again a simple search will open an amazing door into these and other more recent studies.

If the Vibe machine actually achieved what it claimed, raising the frequency energy of the cells, you should see all of the meridians comes closer to normal levels and those meridians that were higher energy representing inflammation should come down significantly.

From my studies I believe the older the subjects the less movement towards normal due to years of cellular abuse creating increased energy blockages. If this is the case it meas the older a person is the more treatments and longer it will take to move their energy back closer to normal.

Now to really take a solid stand on this issue and without spending millions of dollars and years on lab tests, dozens of health centers with Vibe machines and energy software can run these tests and do Screen Captures of the Before and After to be posted on a web site.

It's not easy deprogramming 100 years of brainwashing or taking a stand for Mother Nature over an industry that is making billions and billions and admits they are the #3 cause of death in America and are no closer today with their chemo, radiation and if poisoning the burning the cells doesn't work surgery will just begin to remove pieces of the body.

At the same time those who truly are helping people around the world have to hide as they know many who have been raided for helping people. Sure there are snake oil salesman in every profession. Unfortunately that's just part of human nature. So grab the ball, run this simple experiment in as many health practitioner locations across the country and bring the results forward. If the results show zero change then the Vibe machine was proven to not raise the energy of the cells. However if the opposite is found to be true then maybe it's time we stop throwing stones at brilliant inventors who are dedicated to helping people get back on a track of health without drugs.

Last thought:
No one sneezes on you and you "catch" cancer. We cause cancer. If we accept that to be truth then we can un-cause cancer by identifying what we've been doing for years to cause our system to be out of balance.

No one is born 200 pounds overweight. They were in pretty good shape in high school and then went to college where phys ed was "an elective." So they didn't sign up as they were focus on their major, to get good grade, and go out and get a good job. They now ate at a school cafeteria and because of convenience their daily eating habits began to change along with no longer playing high school sports.

5 lbs a year is not a big deal however 4 years later they've put on 20 pounds and now they land a "desk job." Ten years later it's easy to see how they were the cause of 50 - 100 pounds or so overweight.

A closed mind is a wonderful thing to lose.

I dig the vibe machine. It works. Of course I have never been told it is a cure for cancer. It has done a great deal of good for me. And by the way, there are many cancer cures. Tried and true, track records, documents, studies, results, the whole ball of yarn. And there are upgraded ways to use the current mainstream medical methods. It is funny how defensive people get about alternatives to Big pharma or Chop chop. I can't say Vibe would prevent cancer, or cure it. And I didn't notice that it made any such claim in that very hard to read paragraph above. And one last thing, I have never met anyone who has actually CHARGED to use the machine. They are free around here.

You just poo poo everything because you have a SMALL MEDICAL MIND. Of course you don't want anything to take away from the big money of pharmacy. What's your answer? Chemo?...which is POISON!
Why do all you -know-it all Dr.s think that taking poison heals the body? YOu don't have any real answers for anybody so you have to dis the things that actually give people hope. Shame on you!
I think modern medicine is the REAL quackery because it treats for illness and not optimal wellness....and there's a great chasm between the two.
So put that in you pipe and smoke it may keep trying your best to discredit every really form of alternative healing (sooo scared to see your pocketbook hit aren't you?)but the people know least the ones who take charge of their health do. NO Dr. or FDA has any authority to tell you what choices you should make for yourself!

By Christine (not verified) on 30 Jun 2010 #permalink

No, but they can tell you if you're being a friggin idiot, and they can regulate what the thieves who sell this stuff do.

By MonkeyPox (not verified) on 30 Jun 2010 #permalink


Would you prefer the pre-FDA system, where any company that felt like it could put "cures cancer" on a pill that they knew was useless or even caused cancer, or sell rotting or poisoned meat? Why is it better for the company selling a nostrum, which has an incentive to lie, to tell you what choices to make than for a doctor or civil servant who won't get an extra nickel if you buy this stuff to tell you?

Nobody can research everything from scratch. It comes down to who you can trust. I'd rather trust people who don't have an incentive to lie to me. Given a doctor who would like me to keep coming to their office for the next 40 years, or a company that's just looking at this month's profit sheet and has never met me, I'll take the doctor. And I'll take the trained professional whose job is to keep me safe over the one whose boss has told him to bribe or bully doctors into writing at least three prescriptions a month for their new product, whether the patients need it or not.