Bad Daddy

During our Labor Day fun fest, my kiddo lost her shit, leading my spouse to lose her shit. I was on one side of a crowded village green and got a phone call to come over and "deal with your daughter". She needed to be dealt with. She was not getting her way and letting everyone in town know how pissed off she was. I picked her up and carried her to a patch of grass away from my wife, and held her in my lap to keep her from taking off across the crowded green. She was screaming and wiggling and I found myself saying, "Stop resisting! Stop resisting!"


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uring our Labor Day fun fest, my kiddo lost her shit, leading my spouse to lose her shit.

I initially read "sh*t" as "shirt." I was thinking that the Great Lakes region must have a pretty unique way of observing Labor Day.

This just brings to mind the "'ol reliable" "Get in the truck!"
3 daughters, 28 years with kids in the house, they still talk about how it was effective to not get yelled at, but to know the consequence was you had to go home.

man, I'd love to comment that I'm glad mine are older and past that, but the teen years have their own special kind of grief. it's a long, hard haul.

just one suggestion: if she likes being held in your lap, you may be reinforcing the behavior you want to extinguish.

David - that could be true, but when in public there are fewer options when dealing with a "resistant" child than at home, where there's probably a designated time out spot.

I always tried to use some variant of joemac53's tactic.

This also reminds me of my Dad asking my Mom why we were always HIS children when we misbehaved.

It's been nearly twenty years since my three children were little ones (and one of them has Asperger's). My (then) husband and I used to use the 'designated sufferer' routine when we were out and about. A kid plays up? The designated sufferer gets to remove said kid from the activity for good. Worked a treat, and the designated sufferer got their own special reward later.


The Vogon's Guide To Parenting. ;^)