Donors Choose: Break's over

I've let you guys alone for a couple of days, but now it's crunch time. Hewlitt-Packard is going to match donation based on how much we are able to raise in the next few days. They have 200K to distribute, and who gets it will be based on how much we raise before Sunday. There are a couple of projects that look interesting, and all of them help kids in poor Michigan schools.

  • A story to tell: teaching kids how to write is pretty important. $219.00 left to fully fund.
  • Tools of the trade: kids making comic books to help learn English. How cool is that? All they need is a printer, and they'll do the rest. Something like a printer will go a long way. $323.00 left to go.

It seems perfectly reasonable to fund these two projects in the next 48 hours. This will help us get more funds from HP to the projects of our choice---in fact, HP will send out giving cards to donors to allow them to put the money where they want it. That's pretty cool.

If you can't give a couple of bucks, at least pass the message on via facebook or twitter. I've already given to my project of choice, so now the kids need your help.

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