Another tricky day

I wanted to sleep in this morning, but somehow it's tough to change gears that quickly. I don't normally get up too early---6:30---but I really felt like sleeping in. I made it to 7:00. That early, I have the house to myself, so I brewed up a pot of some killer new coffee that Dr. Free-Ride sent me (thanks!) and enjoyed the silence. After an all-too-short period of peace and quiet I had to wake up PalKid.

I'm a bit blown away by how busy my little family is. MrsPal had to work most of the day so I took PalKid to dance after being "forced" to make "daddy waffles" (from scratch). The dance studio has WiFi, so while she danced I was able to go online and make my reservations for ScienceOnline10. At the end of the class all the parents get to come in and watch for a few minutes, but one little girl couldn't find her daddy---he was working on his computer and must have wandered to the bathroom or something. She looked sad.

I had a bunch of admissions last night so my folks were kind enough to let me drop off the kiddo at their place for a while while I rounded at the hospital. Then I ran home, kissed my wife, shoved my kid into her party clothes and ran her over to a birthday party where a bunch of little girls greeted her with screams and hugs.

After my brief respite at the coffee shop (with some annoying loudmouth at the table next to me) I'll pick her up and we'll all go to a Channukah party at the house of my oldest and dearest friend.

I'm willing to take bets on when the kid will melt down from exhaustion.


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I don't know about PalKid, but I would have the meltdown somewhere in the middle of the party...But then, not being a little girl and having boys, I am exhausted rather quickly by gatherings of four or more little girls. Boys too, now that I think on it, but at least I am on firmer ground with the boys. Little girls have the little girl eyes that seem to be quite capable of reading "sucker" on my forehead...

I love how much you love your family. Doctors have a rather bad rep...I hate admitting and you prove what a stereotype that is.

Re: When she'll meltdown from exhaustion. My bet is in ten to fifteen years (teenager) as soon as she's asked to do some household chore. "But I'm soooo tired!" Or "needs" the car to go a distance that 5 years earlier she used to hop, skip and jump backwards to. :)

By Daniel J. Andrews (not verified) on 06 Dec 2009 #permalink

Update: Party ran late, she went to bed late and slept in with no meltdown...until about 130 this afternoon.

Oh those little methylxanthines! What would we do without them?

By The Blind Watchmaker (not verified) on 06 Dec 2009 #permalink

One of the highlights of my current existence is observing my children raise their children. This brings me tears either through nostalgia or sheer joy at siding with my grandchildren... e.g., their parents are finally paying for their raising.

Your daughter sounds like a delightful child!

You're telling me that there's a chance that they break down before their parents? Minimu so far has shown a high degree of endurance, but maybe there's hope.