The Limits of Understanding - Live Tonight at 8:00

If you can't make it to the Tishman Auditorium in New York tonight to catch the highly anticipated program The Limits of Understanding, we've got you covered. The event will be streaming live, but we'll also be there to cover it, so follow along with the commentary alongside the video stream, and feel free to join in! The event starts at 8:00 EST. Moderator Sir Paul Nurse, a Nobel Laureate and President of Rockefeller University, will join mathematician Gregory Chaitin, philosopher Rebecca Newberger Goldstein, astrophysicist Mario Livio, and A.I. pioneer Marvin Minsky in a discussion about the boundaries of human thinking and why some things - like Kurt Gödel's famous incompleteness theorem - are simply beyond human comprehension. Can an "intelligent" computer understand what we cannot? Tune in to find out!

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