See, I'm Going More for a Thomas Dolby Angle Here

"Assuming that time and money were not obstacles, what area of scientific research, outside of your own discipline, would you most like to explore? Why?"

Hands down, I'd want to explore whatever science the women Thomas Dolby was talking about does. It's never really been clear to me how you can blind someone with science, but that's what I want to find out more about. Sure, you can blind a guy with lots of stuff, but those aren't "science." You can blind someone with a well-placed punch, I bet, and with damage to nerves, or looking directly at the sun, or something. And of course with chemicals, with acid, say, but acid isn't science. It's acid.

None of those things are "science." And anyhow, I already studied chemistry, so that wouldn't count as "outside" my discipline. Though it was a minor, to be honest. You just kind of got it anyway if you did the chemical engineering curriculum. But that doesn't deny the point that when Thomas Dolby got blinded with science, there was something mysterious going on. Unless he was blinded by the sun, because she was an astrophysicist or astronomer and he really trusted her and she told him about a solar eclipse and he got all set up to watch it, maybe had an eclipse party and invited some friends over, just a few, like two or three other couples, keep it low key, for wine and pie and maybe some Pictionary, but he wouldn't invite Walt, because he'd remember that Walt is a tool when he plays Pictionary, and this women who told Dolby about the eclipse would really just be out to get him, some kind of revenge--maybe she used to date Walt, could be the angle there--so there really wasn't an eclipse and when Dolby looked up at the sun at the appointed time he just kept staring, confident that he wouldn't be blinded, against his mom's advise, confident this really was an eclipse, but it wasn't, it was a ruse, she set it all up, the whole thing, just to blind him. Science could blind you that way, I guess. In which case, astronomy. I'd like to explore astronomy.

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I don't think he means literally "blinded." I think he means he was just so dazzled by her talent and devotion to rational discovery that he was "blinded" to her faults as a person. The constant bickering, for example. Or that fact that no matter what Thomas Dolby did to please her, it was never good enough. And then there was that whole "I don't care; where do you want to eat?" debacle. Yeah, the science was really great, at first, but now it's mostly perfunctory. And besides, there's got to be more than just pure natural history to make a relationship work. Hasn't there?

Believe me, you don't want to meet a woman like that.

We probably talked to the same people, I'm guessing, 'cause I heard a real similar story. Except, and this was from a friend of a friend, so don't quote me, I "heard" someone saw her at that new club on Mulholland with a particle physicist, and I don't even need to name name's there. Makes you wonder if what Dobly's saying is legit. And I heard too that maybe his science was the problem, not hers, so there's definitely more to this than what's out there.