Fossil Fuels Go Down, Finally, Their Reign Over


d-orbitals start off with the ball, hauling it down from the top off, and run the court to drop in the first 2. Fossil Fuels respond, carrying the ball up easily, temperately. They get into a 3-2 formation and then charge right up the gulley, working the flim-flam all the way around until the wizzle blocks around through the spot, right over, into it, oh yes dropping in a lay up with nary a wink. d-orbital comes back quick, dribbles down, passes, passes,

dribbles, passes, dribbles, passes, shoots, misses, gets the rebound, kicks it out, passes, shoots, scores, another 2. Fossil Fuel inbounds, and moves down the court, trying to shake the bake the lake and, oh no, oops, loses control and d-orbital picks it up and charges down, and oh crap, he missed that lay up, did you see that? that idiot, showboating, missed that lay-up, wow what an idiot, I bet f-orbitals are laughing at that one, and so Fossil Fuel gets it back and takes its time this time takes its time takes its time I told you it was taking its time, ref counting off the seconds, crowd getting bored, moving down pass pass pass pass dribbles and moves to the lane, then back out, then tries to get in, then back out, then, for pete's sake just shoot, then goes in and shoots, thank you there, thank you, you finally shot, and yippee, looks like it went it, and then d-orbital inbounds and gets into a set play just past half court and, hold on, okay, then they call a time out. that was dumb. a dumb waste of a time out this early in the game. oh, looks like this was one of those mega-timeouts, the kind where time lurches forward mysteriously and puts the game late into the second half, I love those kinds of timeouts, so freeing. my bad, it was a good call then, forwarded time for us. good call. I take back my criticism. looks like the score is pretty even by this point, I guess I'm glad I didn't pay attention, now its 52-50, getting late in the fourth quarter, and d-orbital is trying to post up strong, but Fossil Fuel is fustigating them, looks like a foul to me but they aren't calling it they never call those, Fossil Fuel gets away with murder these days, come on d-orbital come on, oops, I can't be biased, but seriously, who wants Fossil Fuel to win? who cares about them after all this time? with their attitude and pollution and end-of-the-world ethos, they never get called out not for fouls not for double dribble not for traveling not for destroying the earth its ridiculous but what are we gonna do, just me and you sitting here giving color commentary without any color, and oh look what a pass nice pass d-orbital nice pass down the court a good play and they lay it in easily to tie up the game, coming down to the final minute here, and its tied and Fossil Fuel takes a time-out and lets just hope to god it isn't one of those timer reversing timeouts, going back to the first half because I don't have the patience for that and oh good oh goodie it's over that was one of them quickie TOs and the game's back on and they inbound and then dribble and then do a set play again and then pass and dribble and pass and dribble and looks like they're dancing kind of and then pass and then look to the lane but back out kick it back to the top of the key and pass left and pass back center and pass back left and then make a move inside and then back to the center and from the top of the key a long one and, oh oh, it doesn't go, rattles back out and d-orbital has it, walking down court with seconds ticking off, tie game, 52s everywhere, and d-orb is out of timeouts and they want to get the ball to their star player, their most ionic of shooters but looks like his negativity is causing some problems down there in the corner and oh of course oh they call that one that foul come on come on you jerk give me a break already! You're calling that? Oh for crissakes, how do you call that and not the other ones? What the f? and now Fossil Fuel goes to the line down at the other end, I can't believe that, that's such bs, what the hell, man come on ref, rope, tree, hang, yeah I now that's awful don't say that but I wish I could take it back. And oh glory be to god, he missed the front end of that one, and so here they're set for the second shot and up it goes and its in the air now and I can't believe how fast I can report this all with the ball still traveling ever so slowly through the air between the foul line out of Fossil Fuel's hands and on its way to the basket, which is a sprightly red, with a clean, white net, and the backboard looks very clean too, they must wipe it off between commercial breaks, I didn't notice that before, did I ever go on about when we went to Disneyworld and then Cape Canaveral, they called it Cape Kennedy, right? But then Canaveral, what was the deal with that? oh and here comes the ball in its descent and its starting to fall towards the basket now, dropping through the sky and the angle doesn't look good to me, no way no way, its not gonna go, that's right, it misses, it misses and d-orbital has the ball now, running down for the game winner, I can see it all like its slow motion, and here we go folks there is it, is anyone even still paying attention, did anyone listen this far? I so doubt it, but there goes d-orbital into their famous statue of liberty alignment, which completely weird, given that this is a basketball tourney, but to each his own, right? I mean, live and let live I say, and, oh crap I wasn't paying attention, ooh, okay, alright, ooh oh ooh there's the ball in d-orbital's hands, and they're setting up a pick and roll and I'm pretty sure that's the correct expression although like walk-off homer I never heard it when I was growing up did they just start using that term, probably not, I'm sure it's just me, and there it starts and there it goes and there's the ball and its gonna work its gonna work, if he can land this 9 foot jumper from the side, if he can do it, and I think he can, if I was a betting man I'd say this shot was going in, and yep yep, oh my yes it did, he made it he made it he made it, it went in, the shot is god, oops a typo the shot isn't god it's good, eep, no stupid calls from the bought refs, nothing to stand in the way and that's the clock the buzzer, buzz buzzzzz louder louder buzzzz and the crowd is roaring and the game is over and d-orbitals took the game d-orbital took the game, and what a win for them, way to represent, out of the chemistry division, overcoming fossil fuels tonight people maybe the game was two months late, maybe nobody did stick around to her the finale, but oh what a worthy wait it was, you ask me, and I'll tell you, it was worth it, they did it D-orbitals have knocked Fossil Fuels out of this one. If you'd asked me two years ago who would take a potential Fossil Fuels v. d-orbitals game, I'd have said Fossil, hands down. So how surprising was it to see d-orbitals take them down? I mean how big was that? Is it a bellwether for the end of the Fossil Fuel reign? They've been mightier than Wooden-era UCLA, and they've never showed signs of weakening. But with d-orbital bringing them down, who knows what they'll do to prepare for next season. All I know is alternative energy has a big bouquet of flowers waiting outside d-orbital's locker room tonight, folks. Kisses and hugs people, mwah.

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