Science Showdown Highlight Reel: When d-Orbitals Looked Like They Could Take It All


Now that d-Orbitals are sitting at home doing the work of orbitals while TiVoing the Darwin-HIV match-up, it's hard for some to believe that they once looked to take it all. But this scrappy bunch of, of whatever d-Orbitals are (besides being the premier orbital of the 2007 season, obviously), took it to Acids and put their stamp on this year's Showdown.

Dave captured the spirit here, noting in particular that:

This game really had it all, it was dynamic, it had equilibrium, it had fluid transition, and it was catalytic. It involved freakishly large chemical sounding words....

Then there were a bunch of graphics and mention of transition metals and, somewhere down there, a big surprise shift in momentum towards the end of the game. And then d-Orbitals walked away with a 98 to 86 win. Their later, dispiriting loss to Fossil Fuels notwithstanding, d-Orbitals are already expecting a bump in applications with their newfound national prestige.

And they too, like all of us, are waiting with x, y, and z axes to find some time later tonight to get the game from TiVo--or maybe this weekend, if they can get the old tools put away in the shed like they said they would before New Years, and if they watch that one Flip that House episode again, where the dude puts in that travertine in the new bathroom, and his wife gets all pissy because travertine is apparently so eight years ago -- to see how the Darwin v HIV Final ends up.

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