Fossil fuels, like always, endure and defeats d-orbitals: The Science Showdown 2007 Continues


"We're not quite done yet" said a smug Minister John Baird, Environment Minister for Canada, as he celebrated a close win for the Fossil Fuel team.

Fossil fuels vs d-orbitals - it really doesn't sound like a fair matchup from the get go, especially when you look at the stats over the last 300 years or so. Clearly, fossil fuels have a strong track record and have just kept getting stronger and stronger.


Meanwhile, d-orbitals had a tough time making any gains in the popular media (even googling the term only returns a paltry 37,000 hits).

"We wanted to turn things around, you know?" said a disappointed d-orbital coach. "That's why we thought bringing in the UN contigent from the Bali Climate Change conference would've have given us the much needed boost to win."

This, indeed, seemed like a good plan, as the vast majority of the UN was in support for curtailing fossil fuels, with only Canada, US, Japan, and Australia playing tough at the start of the game. Unfortunately, support for a ratification deal went up and down so many times, as to only disorient the d-orbital team.

Still, the d-orbitals were philosophical in their loss.

"You know, in the end, I think the fossil fuels are now hurt. Looks like an agreement was finally made, which might mess with the team's head. Hopefully, those bad ass polluters are on their way out now."

Hopefully indeed, hopefully indeed...

(Fossil Fuels: 113 d-orbitals: 107)

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Oof. That's a real tough loss for the d-Orbital team, but I suppose you're right. It was sort of inevitable.

By allenmartin (not verified) on 17 Dec 2007 #permalink