Spin spin spin - what you see is not always what you get...


This cracks me up every time, and will be sure to somehow make an appearance in my talks on science literacy. I'm thinking this would make a great graphic to segue into discussions on the public perceptions of technologies, etc.

Anyway, summer is upon us, and so the good old blow-up pool is making an appearance in our backyard. But look at the pic, and note the huge difference between what you see on the box, and what you get in real life.

Below is a proper graphic of the actual box the product came in (still available on sites like amazon, by the way). I guess they can get away with this because on the box, it did say something to the effect of "Product may not be as appears on image."

Do you know of any other similar examples of product spin?

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good to know...I was pretty impressed by those pictures on the box when I was shopping in Canadian Tire.

the impressive ones I was looking at were Little Tykes...if I had a yard, I'm sure I would have been sucked into buying one for my daughter!

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