Landscapes and modernity

These are some samples of a set of stunning landscape photographs out west by the photographer Jesse Chehak. The Morning News has an interview with Chehak, who is someone I didn't know about until coming across their slideshow. Go there for larger, more vibrant versions of the reduced-size images sampled below. I'm taken by the Primm, NV, one the most. Something about the modern clash of color and mountain and angles and fabrication amidst/against the scale of sky. There's also a lot to be said about the Rio Blanco one, with the dead deer in front of the fenceline, in the foreground against the background's only-barely-visible highway.


Primm, Nevada, by Jesse Chehak


This one is "Near Three Rivers, California"


This one is by the Rio Blanco, in Colorado


This one is in the direction of Sequoia National Park, California

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Very Frederick Edwin Church or Thomas Moran, American sublime landscape 19th century. The thing that gets me about the Nevada one is the way Nature dwarfs the works of man.

I don't think that's a deer, in the Colorado photo -- that looks like a pronghorn antelope to me.

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