The American Scientist is removed from endangered list.

Yes, it has been tough going of late, but things are looking up, so says Onion writer Peter Waldron.

Check out: "LEAKED DEPARTMENT OF INTERIOR MEMO THAT REMOVES AMERICAN SCIENTIST FROM ENDANGERED SPECIES LIST" at the Science Creative Quarterly. (I especially like the breeding bit)

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They're not really coming back, you know.

The ones that didn't join CERN outright are being picked off one by one by Popperites that claim that their credentials are easily falsifiable simply by adding tests for religion. Anyone in Kansas who doesn't believe in creationism doesn't stand a chance of getting a job as a 'scientist' (read: 'pseudoscientist') or much of anything else. This severely limits their social and range opportunities, and so their numbers are on the decline. Call it the "Wedgie Strategy".

These are the states in which you can also opt out of the Affordable Health Care Act to participate in faith-based medical plans that include only prayer and last rights, so medical practitioners with advanced medical degrees are also endangered. One can only pray that this works to reduce the survival rates of the species that is hostile to science.

By Daniel Shawen (not verified) on 06 Jun 2014 #permalink