Speed! (ScienceBlog version). If this blog gets less than 1000 visitors a day, it's gonna BLOW...

You know the story: we can have Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock costarring and filmed in scenes where they are frantically blogging to make sure they reach a certain number of readers per day. Why? Because a crazy Dennis Hopper has rigged their computers to explode if they get less than 1000 visitors per day!

O.K. so that is a little lame for a movie premise, but nevertheless, April is going to be readership drive month for me. With the schedule lightening up just a titch, I'm going to go and - wait for it - contribute to this website at a much more pronounced pace.

Because, you know - as cool as Dennis Hopper is in the movie Speed, I don't want the bad guy to win.


Actually, it's not as daunting as it sounds, the World's Fair has been averaging at about 700 visitors a day lately (mainly because of Ben's stellar contributions as well as some link love from google images).

Plus, it'll give us an excuse to make our website a bit prettier since this may also be a good time for a new look.

Besides, it's alway fun to include a little (albeit goofy) element of pop-culture in our attempt to communicate. Next time, I'll have to try to work in Die Hard to the science literacy equation.

Stay tuned (you never know - that Hopper dude might just up that visitor number as the month progresses)...

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Sandra Bollock

ha ha ha

Oops. Typo. Funny, at first I thought that there was some strange Sandra Bullock (Bollock) troll/virus/robot around, since I just put up that post, and seconds later, a comment that just had her name...

I love your posts dearly & anticipate increased regularity with much excitement. But why do I go World-Fair-less for large chunks of time and then get an onslaught of RSS-goodness? Is this a Google Reader bug?