Imagined Talks We'd Be Curious To See (the video)

It's that time of year again, where I need to make a goofy video to promote a student conference. Last year, I did one on Things to Avoid When Speaking Publicly; this year I had to make sure Chewbacca was figured prominently.

Do spread the word about TEDxTerrytalks 2009 (especially if you're from UBC), and hope you enjoy the video (you can spread that too).

- - -

As a side note, I'm sure I forgot some notable characters that could've also given a stellar talk on something or other. Pass on your extra ideas in the comment section - maybe I'll make a sequel.

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Aleister Crowley on The Afterlife might be quite entertaining.

One of my friends had the idea for a talk: "My failed experiments, and why they failed", but he keeps on chickening out from giving it.