I've lost my brain (no seriously, I dropped it somewhere at the University of British Columbia). Can you help me find it?

(I'm guessing that at least one of my five readers are from UBC, so here goes).

Of course, this happens just before Halloween...

The other night, I moved a human anatomy torso model from my lab to my car. This was in preparation for an elementary school visit the following morning. It's basically this model shown here:


Anyway, the organs can be removed for closer examination, and essentially I dropped the brain somewhere in the transport. I'm even pretty sure where it likely fell (somewhere between the Michael Smith Labs which is next to the Bookstore, and the main parkade by the hospital, along East Mall).

Actually, here's a map of roughly where it was probably dropped:


It's funny, but I can just imagine the reaction of the person who stumbled across this brain model. Must of been a bit surreal.

In any event, I would really appreciate it if you could help me find it. i.e. pass this on to everyone and anyone. I'm sure whoever found it has been sharing it with others, and are possibly equally curious about where it may have come from.

The kids I was going to show it to (a class of Grade 1 and 2 students) were quite disappointed when I told them this, but are currently immersed in the mystery of the missing brain. Would be lovely to solve it and put it to rest.

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Given that Halloween is in two days, do you really expect whoever finds it will return it? Maybe next week, if you're lucky.


You'll never find it.
It's zombie season.

Thanks Rosie, my fingers are crossed! Didn't figure on the zombie angle though - that could be a problem!