Sabbatical home exchange - tricks of the trade?

So I'm based in Vancouver, Canada, and will be heading off to London, UK in July 2010, and I'm curious to hear any advice on how to best increase your chances for that low maintenance sabbatical house swap.


I've done the thing (link), posted on craigslist, will put stuff up on websites I have access to, have found a notice board at my own institution, but I have to admit it still all seems very much like a "shot in the dark" thing.

So, I'm wondering if the comment thread can be used to highlight any other tricks of the trade, or general advice about figuring out that whole sabbatical accommodation thing.

Plus - gratuitous plug warning - any of you from London and interested in a 6 month jaunt in beautiful Vancouver (consistently in the top 4 "best places to live" lists)? O.K. I'll stop now...

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Hi David, I live in the greater London area and am looking for a home exchange in Vancouver, BC from mid March to mid June, possibly longer into July. I have a 5 bdm plus den house in a very nice area close to transportation. I also have a vehicle I am willing to include in the exchange. Maybe the timing won't work but I thought I would ask. Thanks!

By Andrew Stewart (not verified) on 16 Dec 2009 #permalink