Making business cards and being a science geek at the same time.

So, I'm going to TEDactive next week, and it looks like it's one of those conferences where the networking will be particularly beneficial (maybe even more so than the talks). Which means, I really should get some business cards.

And since I have trading cards on the brain, why not make business cards with a distinctly biodiversity theme. Anyway, it's been years since I've had business cards, mainly because sometimes I don't think my head could handle any more email or correspondence, and I've always figured that the act of putting my contact info on little pieces of paper out there in the world, could possibly lead to that place where my head might actually explode.

Still, I have to admit that making business cards (or in my case, mini-cards) is kind of fun, especially when you have folks like Ernst Haeckel lending a hand in the glorious art department (mental note to myself - I should put some of his stuff on the phylomon site - I wonder if that's allowed?).


Here's one above, and there's two more below (I used I figured this way I could even make a series of different cards as inspiration strikes me!



Anyway, I haven't figured out how to let others use this template (i.e. if others want to make similar mini-cards then they are welcome to the layouts), but I'm sure it's doable somehow.

The irony of it all is that in my resistance to getting business cards, I may have ordered them too late. Not sure if they'll arrive in time before the conference!

- - -

Speaking of bidiversity trading cards, the phylomon project has opened an online forum. If you're interested in Pokemon or Biodiversity, or (heavens above!) both, then go to the forum, register, and participate.

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Nice! And thanks for the link to Haeckel's stuff. His artwork is amazing.

Those are awesome Dave! What a great idea. I've been bouncing around something similar in my head (moo cards-esque & each one unique, and what could be fun, sharing science-wise?). You pulled it together just wonderfully! Have fun at TEDactive!

A tip: Make species names in italics (ICZN compliant).

Technically, I don't think italics are required. If I remember, in the appendix detailing recommendations, ICZN says that such nomenclature is usually in italics. (I could be wrong about this though!)