Introducing the Science Scout Badges Free Market Economy (or SSBFME - another worthy acronym)

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(Acronyms used: SSBFME = Science Scout Badges Free Market Economy)

So... It's been a few years since the Science Scouts were born, and (at last count) we have received over 300 emails from various Indian or Chinese Embroidery companies looking to "offer their badge making services." Finally, we're now of mind to finally lay out a game plan for the selling and obtaining of these Science Scout badges, physically.

And basically, we're going with the free market model - specifically the SSBFME.

In other words, if you want to make them, you are more than welcome to make them and then sell them as you see fit. You can even change the look of the badge, because we figure if you do a good job, then who are we to say that what you're doing is wrong. Likewise, if you want to make badges with gold leaf and sell them for thousands of dollars, make scratch and sniff badges, or provide badges embedded with LCD screens that twinkle annoyingly, then who are we to stop you? This is, after all, about community, and science, and (of course) badges.

We do, however, like to say that we are not, ourselves, responsible for any of the shenanigans involved in this science scout badge economy. In other words, we'll take an arms length approach, happy to just look on, with amusement and a bit of pride as well.

In fact, here is the fist batch.

Don't they look wonderful? In fact, they are lovingly crafted by Rachel Newlin, and you can get them at her Etsy link (better hurry actually: being hand made, they are in limited supply)!

All to say, that we are thankful to Rachel for providing the proverbial catalyst for this market, and also hopeful that others will join in too. Anyway, if you do plan on becoming part of the SSBFME, then do make sure you leave a note on the Science Scout site - maybe at the actual badge post - and we'll also try to do our best to showcase your endeavors.

Happy collecting!

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Stuff looks good. For your next design, How about an old-fashioned life buoy: "Escaped drowning in pursuit of science"? Trying to achieve zero flotation alone in the swimming pool is a few neurons short of smart.

By Reynir, .is (not verified) on 17 May 2010 #permalink

If they make a beer drinking badge, then I could earn that and the explosion one simultaneously. No, seriously it happens a lot.