The Speed of Money

Wow! Either it's an odd coincidence, or the Latisse marketers are highly vigilant monetizers, because in less than 24 hours after I posted yesterday's rambling little piece about the eyelash wonder drug, a tasteful little ad for it showed up on the Scienceblogs homepage (cue spooky music now). Robot voice: "Oh yes, I will go buy Latisse now." I will try it on my cats, because I have always thought that cats with long eyelashes are wickedly beautiful.

But, Latisse, your ad says "ask your doctor about Latisse" -- I'm a bit disappointed. How could you pass up such a ripe possibility for pun-itization: i.e. "see your doctor about Latisse today".

Actually, ever since Warner music went in and hatcheted all of its songs out of youtube videos, I've believed that monetizing is the more rational business approach. Latisse, you are so lusciously poofy, and yet so business savvy too. Awesome.

PS: I'm guessing it almost certainly was SEED who initiated the monetizing, but the image of a bunch of people with great eyelashes vigilantly searching the web for mentions of Latisse is just so wonderful.

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