Allergan will be doing just fine with Latisse™

Even at this incredibly slow time of the year for blog traffic, we hit about 250% of our average readership yesterday with search engines finding our post on Allergan's new eyelash enhancing cosmeceutical, Latisse.

Lots of folks wanting to know where to buy Latisse - Allergan stock anyone?

(Aside: Among my other search term hits yesterday was: "'junior faculty' hate my job." It hit an older post on whether junior faculty should invest time in writing review articles. I suggest that the reader start adding feeds to many of our commenters who with whom they may be able to commiserate.)

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search hits always interest me.

for a while i got a lot of hits on a search term along the lines of "flunk out of grad school", hitting a post where i had smacked down on some unrealistic whining i heard from a younger student.