Hello Londoners: Science Uncovered at London's Natural History Museum tonight.


Just a quick note for you Brits out there (and specifically Londoners I guess). Tonight (Sept 24th), the Natural History Museum is hosting a "Science Uncovered" evening, whereby scientists and staff from various departments will be on hand.

As well, there will be a place where cocktails can be purchased, which will probably make all the sciencegeek talk all the more lively than usual.

Plus, if you have some biodiversity or fossil flavoured artifact you want looking at, this is also a good time to pop by and show the item off to a panel of experts (they will be manning a sort of "Antique (but science-y) Roadshow")

Anyway, more info can be found here, and do say hello if you're in the area (I'll be one of the scientists wandering the halls tonight).

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Man, that sounds like an awesome event. I wish I could come. Proof that you're actually "working" on your sabbatical. :)

We are confident I've check this out identical type of assertion elsewhere, it ought to be gaining interest while using public.