The kids and I make a cardboard pinball machine (or duct tape is AWESOME!)

Although I can't remember where I saw "play with duct tape" on the list of learning objectives, I figured it would be cool to make a paper pinball machine with the kids - it's kind of "educational." (right?). Anyway, this ended up being a lot of fun, and (if I do say so myself) our pinball machine is FREAKING AWESOME!

Here are some pictures, and the video at the end is where Hannah and Ben demonstrate its awesomeness.



And the video...

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That IS freakin' awesome! And your kids are very sweet, too. Did you try something larger with a bit more elasticity, like a super-bounce-ball or some such? How about a ping-pong ball - or would that be too light?

By Amenhotepstein (not verified) on 04 Nov 2010 #permalink

That is one great idea of yours, and sounds like so much fun to make. It is awesome! Not only is it a fun activity to do and use to spend time with the kids, but it also saves you from buying an expensive over-rated pin ball machine! I am currently a sophomore in high school, and your project even interests me! It seems like so much fun to make, and later play! My friend has a pinball machine and it was fun in the beginning, and now every time I walk in it's just there, doesnât interest me. However, if I saw that when I walked in her house one day I would be so interested in it! Itâs not something you see everyday and it is so cool! It looks awesome! Great idea!