Panda Poop to the Future!

Have a diet rich in fiber? Eating bamboo all day, everyday, means pandas most certainly do. Now, researchers at a giant panda reserve in southern China are looking for paper mills to process their panda's fiber rich poo! The center's 40 bamboo-fed pandas produce about 2 tons of "processed material" a day, which could make a fine quality paper. Liao Jun, a researcher at the center, is not worried about squeamish consumers. "People won't find it gross at all," Liao said. "They probably won't even be able to tell it's from panda poop."
Eats, poops and leaves.

Motivational panda-poop office poster. Giant Panda, ailuropoda melanoleuca

Unrelated but awesome, Baby Panda Sneeze!

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Ah, the panda sneeze! As referenced on 30 rock! Brilliant.

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qo g da yang baru c.......... gambarnya??????????
bete dech g da yang baru

Im a huge babay panda fan.