Suction Cup Bat

Late last year, scientists discovered a new species of bat that has large flat adhesive suckers attached to its thumbs and hind feet. These suckers allow the bat to climb and adhere to large broad-leaf plants in the jungles of their native Madagascar.

The find is particularly remarkable because the new bat belongs to a Family of bats, Myzopoda, that was previously considered to include a single rare species. In a rare success story, these endangered bats are thriving in recently cleared forests where the pioneering Traveler's Palm often replaces native vegetation after logging. The plant has large, smooth leaves, which provide an abundance of "landing pads" for the sticky little guys.

I vaaaant to suuuckkkk....tion cup to the back of your station
wagon window like a Garfield doll.
Sucker-footed Bat, Myzopoda schliemanni

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i love suction cups

By darien jackson (not verified) on 30 Mar 2009 #permalink