Disoriented Arctic Seal Captured in South Florida

Hope was reportedly on his way to Zihuatanejo, Mexico to meet his old prison buddy, Red, when he was captured

A 350-lb bearded seal--named "Hope" by his cheese-ball human rescuers--has been taken into captivity off the coast of Florida, near Ft. Lauderdale. After eluding his rescuers for two days, Hope finally succumbed to their efforts, and now is in critical condition at Sea World. A staff veterinarian described Hope as "thin and dehydrated but...responsive and resting quietly" according to KVOA.com. Hope's caretakers hope to rehabilitate him and release him back into the North Pole from whence he came.

Get busy livin!

Bearded seals like Hope have never been spotted south of Massachusetts, leading to a flood of speculation on how and why Hope traveled from the North Pole. Some say global warming, others a brain tumor...We're guessing it was the early-bird special at Leon's in Palm Beach-- $5.95 for brisket on rye with potato salad, and, as always, all the pickles you can eat!

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