The Retirement Home of the Future: Infested with Bionic Baby Seals

Per Gizmodo's Jack Ventura, the Japanese government has spent $12,000,000 over the past two years developing "silver technology." For those of you, like every single person reading this, unfamiliar with this term, apparently it refers to robots designed to help lonely old people. The seal was on display at the recent RoboBusiness 2007 conference in Boston and is meant to resemble a baby harp seal. Equipped with internal motion sensors, it responds to cuddling, petting and scratching. It also emits nauseatingly cute baby seal squeals and apparently sheds its fur... for some reason. The $3,500 Teddy Ruxpin knockoff is currently only available in Japan, although it's only a matter of time before it beaches itself in Boca.

We propose that everyone in this video except for the seal be put to sleep.

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