Next up Giraffe Dog, Zebra Dog, and Genera Hypercolor Dog!

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Female pandas ovulate for only 3 days out of every year, making them one of the least evolutionarily "fit" animals we are aware of. If you were in God's factory trying to figure out where to invest, betting on the panda would be like deciding to build a Ferrari and not include a gas fill. Then it…
Without further delay, we bring you....Shrimp on a Treadmill. Add to: Slashdot reddit newsvine Y! MyWeb
The accidental product of a study abroad program in Italy, Eclyse is a visually fascinating example of mixed genetic material. Eclyse's mother was a zebra living at a German safari park. When she was sent on loan to Italy, she was allowed to roam free in an enclosure with both horses and zebras.…
Good God Almighty....(From Sir David Attenborough's "Life in the Undergrowth") Add to: Slashdot del.icio.usredditnewsvineY! MyWeb