New Deep Sea Species Discovered

A voyage sponsored by the Census of Marine Life (CoML) has netted some newly discovered species in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. The trawling net was pulled at the level between 1000 meters and 5000 meters deep. About 500 species were cataloged out of thousands caught. Most of the creatures were of the gelatinous sort, specially adapted to live in frigid waters deep in the depths. The scientists, trying to be nice, immediately plunged the creatures into icy water upon hoisting them into the boat, but of course, many of them did not survive the trip to the surface.

A tiny winged snail, Cavolinia longirostris

A kind of pteropod, Clio pyramidata

A possibly new species of dragonfish

Dolioletta, a pelagic tunicate or salp, shown here wrapped around one of its young, an exact clone of itself.

Hippopodius hippopus

Baby octopus

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