Squid Have Teeth Like Old Men

According to the Tree of Life project, Promachoteuthis sulcus is known from a single, small (25 mm ML, sex unknown) but distinctive individual from great depths in the south Atlantic Ocean. Now Benny and I are no cephalopodologists, but those chompers look a little different from the typical squid beak which we have come to know and fear.

i-d99a316dc2f57310338daa33a20017d4-squid Promachoteuthis sulcus.jpg

Those of you looking to find or avoid the aforementioned denture squid should steer clear of here: 36°49'S, 12°17'W off Tristan Da Cunha, south Atlantic Ocean. Captured from WALTHER HERWIG at 1750-2000 m depth (open net).

i-49ee7a3c6f05e5f822d398fd7a0ebd69-squid 2 Promachoteuthis sulcus.jpg

i-e402c5ba20a9625f0d79c6bb1f0c84cd-squid 3 Promachoteuthis sulcus.jpg

Kevin Z? PZ? Other cephalopodanauts want to weigh in here on?

Thanks to Tim Fallon for forwarding this along. Also looks like Ugly Overload beat us to the punch but it's kind of new news... so we'll run with it.

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those arent teeth, theyre it's lips