Interview with the Bleiman Brothers

Last week, ScienceBlogs interviewed Benny and me. On second reading, it's pretty weird. Anyway, for your amusement/bewilderment, check it out here:

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You guys freaking kill me. LOVED it, it is hard to pick a highlight but I would have to say your tastes in fictional heroes are pretty awesome. (hmmm... not sure about the grammatical correctness of that statement, now that I know you guys have English degrees)

I'm hoping you were being as sarcastic about Lahaye as you were with just about everything else in the interview Andy. :p Unless of course you read it as a comedy. ;)

Mind you, his books about personalities aren't all that bad.

By arachnophile (not verified) on 01 Dec 2007 #permalink

I just wasn't sure if you meant entomology, or etymology.
Or a combo--perhaps how insects are named?

(Note that jokes frequently sail over my head-my husband calls me "literal girl".)

Why aren't you this funny in person??

By Harry Hancock (not verified) on 03 Dec 2007 #permalink

i am! you just can't pay attention to anything but my breasts.

Good write up.

Have you guys ever read the Ender's Game series? They have nothing to do with Zoology or Ecology (or Talcott Mountain), but I think you'd like them. Not sure why I think that, but I do.


It's not a zoo, it's only partly illogi, it's certainly not xxx, so how do you get off calling it zooillogix? I guess the transition to Scienceblogs has you going mainstream, much to your detriment.

david byrne, nice.

By ryan mann (not verified) on 04 Dec 2007 #permalink

Hey Adam - maybe you think they'd like it because of the giant sentient eusocial insects. That seems like something these guys might enjoy. It is an excellent series.

By arachnophile (not verified) on 04 Dec 2007 #permalink

Hello...I was just wondering if someone could tell me what the little guy with the green eyes up there to the left was called. Perhaps his name is Benny? But, I am trying to figure out his species. Thank you!

Funny interview. Great stuff!