Snails versus Slugs (and Friends)!

We have brought you the outstanding time lapse photography of Mochimochi Land in the past, but these new works are breathtaking.

i-8e1f21622d563d47288617540629a603-snails and slugs.jpg

i-d034a1ec567be938c69971fd9b42aa2a-snails and slugs wrestling match.jpg
No-holds-barred snail on slug rumpus!

i-0570c2f80b172a16298e2b615c965c51-snails and slugs the great foot race1.jpg
"The Great Foot Race!"

Friends below the fold

i-668b8b5a21f7a13f1ec6749f33b05ef4-snails and slugs the great foot race.jpg

i-14ac42e4018bcd74351c31eee45d51ca-chicken or the egg.jpg
Reversible chicken and egg. If only life were so easy.

"Beware the Ninjabun...He's covert, sneaky, and hungry!"

i-5d1136172bc7259dcdfdfebdf83e5276-fat butterfly.jpg
"The world's fattest butterfly thinks it might be time for a diet. The flowers agree."

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Yet another dry, overcast morning. Not the kind of weather when one feels like sliding on one's foot across scratchy leaves or stems. At least if one is a snail or slug. I went right to the instant-gratification spots for slug capture. Only two out of the six locations yielded slugs today. One…
A small floating sea slug, clionidae or "sea angels" are ferocious little predators that hunt the "sea butterfly," Limacina helicina. When tasty sea butterflies get close, sea angels shoot out tentacles, grasp the prey with hooks and extract the body completely out of the shell to swallow it whole…
Another overcast, cool, and dry morning today. The pickings were extremely slim. However, it also bears mentioning that the amount of visible gastropod damage to my plants -- especially my food crops -- is greatly reduced since I began my snail eradication campaign less then a month ago. I'm going…
This morning was dry and cool and overcast, so the pickings were slim. I went right to the places where gastropods have been found hiding on mornings like this and came up empty. Actually, since I cleared some weeds (and some piles of previously whacked weeds and tall grass) yesterday, I figured…

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