Baby Lemurs Hanging In Socks

i-7287ab0aa15aaddf3e1a97300d5e64aa-Lemur Triplets.jpg

Apologies for overloading cute on you all. These baby lemurs were recently born at Folly Farm Zoo in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

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*Faints dead away from cuteness overexposure*

Just look at their little hands!

Squeee! Candy floss ear tufts and baleful eyes!!!!


they would make the cutest little beanbag toys

Sure, they're cute now....... but just wait until they get old enough to eat baboons!

By themadlolscien… (not verified) on 01 Aug 2008 #permalink

They're so cute.

By Alexa Wicke (not verified) on 07 Jan 2009 #permalink

Lemurs are vegetarians. They don't eat baboons.

By Marta M. Bieber (not verified) on 25 May 2010 #permalink