AZA Annual Conference - Animal Art Auction Today at 4PM (CT)!

I stumbled into a meeting my brain and experience are wholly unqualified to report on, so instead, I will tell you about this much more exciting piece of information. Today, from 4PM-7PM, the AZA will be holding a live auction of paintings created by animals. Anyone can join the auction online but be aware you must register first. Thanks to reader JuliaGoolia for cluing clueless me in.

Check it:

i-31f1422a893ffa83c4096a34c665572b-aza rhino mishindi3.jpg
Art by Mishindi the Rhinoceros from the Denver Zoo

i-ec7cd48045fa9edb65fa17f003ec8f2f-aza meerkats.bmp
Art by Hari and Hakuna the Meerkats from the San Diego Zoo

more below the fold

i-f149b54387ab554a48a3e939acdc51c4-aza raccoon chubs family.jpg
Art by the Chubs Raccoon Family from the Huchinson Zoo

i-a6ae532c9b339fa107f632cee3d08db2-aza pig pinto brookfield zoo.bmp
Art by Pinto the Pig from the Brookfield Zoo

i-f744d866f52bfaac975c4e0e980753ed-aza sea lion zuma.jpg
Art by Zuma the Sea Lion from the Shedd Aquarium

Obviously these animals are incredible artists. There are 61 one in all including works by chimps, gorillas, anteaters, my brother and many others. If any Zooillogix readers win, let us know.

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The photo of the Meerkats is priceless! They look totally contented, having done their creative thing. And I can also imagine the caption: "Does this green paint make me look fat?"

Seriously, is this "painting" doing anything for the animal, other than getting them covered in paint?

probably not on the whole although some might enjoy the varied play time. ultimately its to raise money for the zoo of course.

This is an issue of some contention. Some feel that, like using chimpanzees in clothes, this anthropogenizes them. In the case of the chimps, the result was a cultural misconception about the endangered status of the species. I haven't quite figured out the negative result some of the zoo community is afraid of in regard to animal paintings. Is it just that it could be seen as exploitative? The money goes back to the animals and, from all I've heard from keepers, the animals really enjoy it. And those critters that don't like it, don't do it.

But maybe I'm just struck dumb by the tidal wave of cuteness from the photos of the animals in the process of painting! It almost makes me a little sick, it's so damn cute.

In spite of the credit crisis, most customers who go to a fine art auction, aren't affected by the middle class press or imploding housing market, as 6,000 to 7,000 eager bidders appeared at many of the fine art auctions this year.

I dont know where I can see my house observer , But maybe I'm just struck dumb by the tidal wave of cuteness from the photos of the animals in the process of painting ! lol ..